General Media Solutions is a Ghanian production company for TV, video, radio, events, photography and advertising.

GMS’ founder and manager Abiko Bremer (nee Banchi Eghagha) describes herself as a creative entrepreneur and development worker, because she uses her tertiary qualifications in the field of TV & film production as well as in the performing arts and development work to do business that focuses on children, public education and women’s issues.

She has worked as project manager for the Mmofra Foundation Reading Clinic, a special program that combines innovative and creative methods of teaching to help school children to improve their reading and expressive skills

Abiko worked from January 2009 to February 2011 as channel manager of ADOM TV, (Ghanaian Language channel) and 4KIDS (as the name implies, devoted to children). Both are on the digital satellite platform of MultiTV, a sister media house to Joy FM and Adom FM in the Multimedia Group Ltd.

Her work in media and arts has found some modest recognition: She is the pioneer winner of the British Council’s International Young Performing Arts Entrepreneur Award, Ghana, 2008. She was awarded 2nd Place in the World Bank (Ghana) Ghana Development Marketplace Innovation Competition in 2005, and Brushstrokes, a children’s story and her final year production at National Film & Television Institute Accra, won two awards.


Abiko Bremer

P.O. Box 400 Arts Centre
Accra Ghana

Telephone: +233 (0)20 812 37 51

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